Christina's Learn and Play Daycar​e

About Christina

Christina has loved children for as long as she was one herself. Upon Graduation from high school Christina dreamed of being a pediatric RN. During her college Christina enrolled in a Certified Nurses Aid Program. After Christina’s training she went on to work with Alzheimer, and Dementia patents in their homes for two years. She was going to enroll in an LVN school, but after much consideration realized that she would want to see children happy, and healthy, and decided that Early childhood education is how she really wanted to work with children. In the fall of 2008 Chistina enrolled at Canada College, and studied early childhood development, and education. After completion of 15 ECE units Christina was hired by a preschool a preschool on the peninsula, while attending school. Christina was hired as an aid, and then was promoted to head teacher where she worked for seven years. Christina has taught ages two years through pre k. Christina is certified in CPR, and First aid, fingerprinted, back ground check from the state, and is licensed by the state to operate a home family childcare.

 It is so important to have complete and total peace of mind knowing, that your child is taken care of. After having my own child, and not feeling that peace of mind, and trust, when looking for daycare for him. I want to give other parents the peace of mind, and trust that I couldn't find. So I opened a family childcare to give other parents the peace of mind. I also believe that the "whole" child needs to be nurtured. Children need to be presented with activities, and play that encourage emotional and cognitive development. Art activities, and science's to help build their cognitive, gross, and fine motor skills. Most importantly children need love and, acceptance to grow into a healthy adult later in life. Children need a supportive environment in which they can explore, and make mistakes. My Daycare offers your child these things. I am also a support network for you as the parents. Thank you for visiting my website.