Christina's Learn and Play Daycar​e

LANGUAGE: there is a reading area in the playroom in which children can read to each other or listen to stories to develop language, and pre reading where the children dictate their own stories, and a variety of fine motor skills, and Vishal discrimination activities. Christina’s Learn and Play uses a program “handwriting without tears”, helping children to read ,write, count, and socialize in a fun, and engaging environment.

Science: The children are given the opportunity to work with nature, and the environment through a variety of age appropriate experiments that build observational skills, and foster appreciation for our environment.

This is a Play based Daycare, because I believe young children learn best through play. Breakfast, Lunch,and two snacks are served. Your child will learn color,number,letter,and shape recognition. Your child will learn about the season's, as I will divide the curriculum into themes based on the seasons. We will celebrate all Holidays with a party witch includes Christmas, Hanukkah,  Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Cinco de mayo, and Chinese new year. We will have a special lunch that day, and some fun games. I will be providing a weekly newsletter that will go more in depth with the  festivities. Children's birthdays are a big thing at this age, and I will make a cake for every child's birthday, and do a mini party with their peers. Parents are welcome to bring a cake or another alternate treat instead. I will engage infant's with interaction through simple songs, and stimulating toys, nothing helps a baby develop more then human interaction, and contact. curriculum will be taught to older toddler's. Curriculum will include art,music, and science. Their is a wonderful program called Hand Writing without tears designed by Jan Olsen.Hand writing without tears as i've meontiond earler that teaches children pre writing skills. I will also include spanish in my curriculum.