Christina's Learn and Play Daycar​e


Christina’s Learn and Play environment is designed to give children the opportunity to chose between active, and quiet activities. Each area in the playroom or living room makes for stimulation for, experimentation, and learning.

ART: They will have access to crayons, and paint as well as themed art to go along with the seasons, and holidays. Seeing the work they have completed helps the children feel good about themselves, which in turn builds their self esteem.

Cooking: Through cooking the children will learn to describe and observe how things change, and develop over time, and basic math skills. By following step by step picture instructions. The children are given the opportunity to practice following directions. Most importantly the children learn how to use their five senses, willingness to try new things, and how to learn to work with everyday tools.

DRAMATIC PLAY: one of the most natural experiences

for children is acting out fantasy play life. In the Dramatic play area children are given the opportunity to act out imaginary, and real life situations. This fantasy play, weather in the doll house,playing house,playing with dolls,or in costume, or with puppets, provides the children  to explore different personalities, and to learn how to handle a variety of life's situations.

MOVEMENT: allows children to use their bodies in different ways. They may learn many shapes, speeds, and heights their bodies can achieve, experiencing different feelings by dancing to a variety of music. This is while developing balance, flexibility, special awareness, and gross and fine motor skills.